The application for admission should be made in the form as placed at the end of the prospectus. The prospectus can be obtained from the school office from first week of December during office hours on payment of RS. 150 by cash. When ordered by post an amount RS 180 may be sent by Money order (payment by any other mode like cheque or draft is not accepted) in favour of administrator. The application should be made only on the form as available in the prospectus by detaching it, and not on typed or xerox copy. The declaration signed by parent or legal guardian will be taken to mean that the parents/legal guardians accept the school rule and agree to abide by them, so long as their ward(s) study/studies in the school.

Admission Test

Admission is granted on the basis of performance of the child in Entrance Test which is conducted in the month of December /January & February. The shortlisted candidates are called for interview at the school premises. Final results are expected to be declared after three days to one week of the final test. Admission test basically aims at judging the emphasis on understanding of English language language and proficiency in spoken and written English. The child is tested for a level which is one class lower than that for which admission is sought. The time duration for Admission Test for classes i to viii.

SI. NO. Class Subject Time duration
i i & ii English , Hindi & Math Papers 1.30 hrs
ii iii & viii Hindi , English , math & Science iii & viii


A clear calendar month’s notice in writing or a month’s fee in lieu of notice is required before a student withdrawn from the school. Those who leave the school are required to deposit the feel for the month of June also. Transfer certificate is issued only when all the dues of the school are settled. No. T.C. is issued during the summer vacation. A student can be asked to leave the school on the following grounds

  •     Disciplinary
  •     Unsatisfactory progress in work
  •     Repeated detention in the same class.
  •     A Child who fails twice in the same class will no one permitted to continue in the school. Specially if he/she is over age for that class. If withdrawal tasks place due to any of the above reasons the questions of one month’s notice or one months feel in lieu of that doesn’t arise.